Program: Blue

Phase 2

Phase 2 speeds up your success and lead flow.

The National SEO Transformation

National Contractor SEO helps you hit those top search results on keywords that aren't city specific. If you are a national brand, or a regional brand then National SEO is something that's a necessity.

Seen here are the top 5 benefits of having National SEO work done for your business every month. Increased customer online traffic, more leads and sales, higher exposure to your brand, increased brand credibility among your audience and those looking for your services, higher competing power and improved ranking in the Search Engine search results.

Some Blue Features

Keyword Research

Get articles done for you in bulk. High-quality articles only written by qualified real people and never by AI bots. All-original content, not spun from other work.

Keyword Selection

Get web page content with our proven-to-work strategies not available anywhere else. Geared toward local for your clients, we apply best-practices SEO to all of our created content.

Link Building

This process involves cultivating relationships with influencers, industry leaders, and media outlets to secure valuable backlinks that enhance your website’s authority and visibility.

Audience Strategy

Premium blog content. Well-researched and well-written content for almost any niche.

Site Structuring

Similar in concept to our blog writing service, this adds a local focus. We can add local embeds such as Maps, CID, Reviews, driving directions, and much more.

Content Writing

Getting the write blogs and content copy using the right SEO keywords is an art and we help you build those pages and attract those visitors needing you.

Analytics and Adaptation

Closely monitoring your website’s performance through analytics, we identify trends, track the effectiveness of your strategies, and make data-driven decisions to refine your approach towards your SEO & sales goals.

User Experience

A seamless, intuitive UX design ensures that visitors from any part of the country can navigate your site effortlessly, find the information they seek, and engage with your content meaningfully.

Local SEO

This is our flagship national product SEO solution for your Local SEO. Become a national brand that is found online by new customers.

Schema Code Generation

Schema code has become of utmost importance in the SEO world over the last few years, not only helping increase CTR but also aiding with SEO efforts. We know what works and what doesn't and will optimize your schema to work as it should.

Web Page Optimization

Do you have one or more pages that you wished was getting more organic traffic than it is? The on-page might be the issue! We will optimize it to help get you the traffic that it needs to be successful.

Technical SEO

Keeping your website up to speed, free from technical issues is a must in order for Google to respect your brand and show it's customers your website. We make sure your website structure is intact, healthy, and correctly built to be rewarded by the search engines.

Important National SEO Statistics

Less than 1%

of searchers click on the second page of Google results (Backlinko, 2023)


The top traffic source for all websites is organic search (HubSpot, 2022)


Organic web listings get 73% of clicks

(BrightEdge, 2022)


In 2020, 64.82% of Google mobile and desktop searches ended in the search results without visiting another webpage (SparkToro, 2021)

More Blue Features


  • Core CRM - End-To-End Marketing CRM

  • SMS and Appointment Automations

  • Custom Website Design

  • Website Hosting

  • Domain Connections

  • Phone Number Integrations

  • Email Integrations

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Form Embedding

  • Title Tags

  • Internal Linking

  • Google Analytics

  • Backlink Audits

  • Link Building

  • Data Aggregators

  • Content Distribution

  • Keyword Research

  • Google Search Console

  • Facebook Pixel setup

  • Hotjar Heatmap and Session Recording

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Schema Markup

  • On-page Audits

  • Technical Audits

  • 95+ Local Listings

  • Content Creation

  • Media Rooms

  • Reporting Dashboard

  • GBP Management

  • GBP Optimizations

  • GBP Posts

  • Press Releases

Trusted By Clients All Around The USA

Case Study: Stuck Startup

Pablo's Painting Co.

pablos painting with leads buddy marketing residential painters in sarasota

Original Problem:

  • No website or Google presence

  • Van without no wrap or graphics strategy

  • No brand counsel or support

pablos painting with leads buddy marketing residential painters in sarasota

$550K/Annually+ In 2 Years

Case Study: Stuck Startup

Liotta's Carpet Cleaning

liotta carpet cleaning services with leads buddy carpet cleaning minooka

Original Problem:

  • No website or Google presence

  • No tech and tools to help organize the workflow

  • Brand new baby on the way at home

  • No brand counsel or support

liotta carpet cleaning services with leads buddy carpet cleaning minooka

+50K/Annually Within 60 days

Program: Blue


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